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Your Privacy/Security

Worried about high shipping charges?

Our delivery methods are well established and fine-tuned for cost effectiveness . For web orders, we ship UPS or Fedex Ground, unless otherwise requested. We charge the same low delivery price no matter how we obtain your order—by phone, fax or internet. Again, we have a 50 year history of delighting our customers! The table below applies to most orders.  However, since checks weigh up to 12 pounds per thousand, check orders will be shipped at UPS or Fedex rates plus a $5. handling charge.  

Order Value
Shipping Cost
Up to $49.99
$50.00 to $99.99
$100.00 to $149.99
$150.00 to $199.99
$200.00 to $299.99
$300.00 to $499.99
$500.00 to $749.99
$750.00 to $999.99
Over $1,000
Please call





Concerned about credit card security and your Privacy Rights?

Although some people still believe that using their credit cards on the internet is dangerous, web purchases are projected to be over $1,000,000,000,000 (Trillion!) by the year 2010, belying the fear expressed by this small group. With modern SSL encryption and the secure servers of our store, entering your card number at a secure site is extremely safe. Since less than 5% of Internet fraud is due to misuse of credit card information, the riskier part of any credit card transaction lies within the personnel at an organization. With Eastern Systems' 50 year history, thousands of clients, and millions of transactions, your personal/business information is safe with us and will NOT BE DISTRIBUTED IN ANY WAY to any other organization. Your credit card number stays within the secure area of the server, and within our careful hands at Eastern Systems!


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