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Laser Checks—Imprinted
Single check with 2 Vouchers per page

Check positions, bottom position available, please call

Our "ULTRA SECURE"  Laser Checks are printed on high quality, bank approved,  24 lb. Defensa Security Check stock. For imprinted checks we use wax-free laser compatible inks (heat resistant). Micro perforations allow checks to pass through your laser printer without jamming.

  • 100% guarantee of compatibility with your Quicken, QuickBooks, Peachtree and any other software
  • 100% guarantee of compliance with ANSI and ABA check standards

Our  "SECURE" Laser Checks are available at lower cost with the same security  features but without the watermark and fibers,  Contact us for details.

Step 1. Choose Your Design, Color, Position and Quantity in the fields below.
(Please contact us for samples if you wish.) If desired, review the security features of our checks.

Check styles and colors


Laser Checks—Imprinted, Single check with 2 vouchers per page
  • 3 Styles—Traditional, Marble, Linen
  • 3 pantograph colors—blue, burgundy or green
  • Top or center positions

Bottom position and other colors available in some designs, please contact us.

Also - for larger quantities, call us please.


Imprinted, Single checks
Qty Total Price
250 $69.00
500 $83.00
1,000 $110.00
1,500 $148.00
2,000 $179.00
3,000 $222.00
4,000 $279.00
5,000 $333.00

Please note that shipping charges for checks are at standard UPS rates plus $5., not at the charges on your receipt.  Call us for more information.


Step 2. Submit your imprint information below OR fax a copy of your present check to 800.421.0101 OR   phone us at 800.223.0101.


Style Color Position Qty Price
Company Name
Address Line 1
Address Line 2 (if any)
Phone (if desired)
Bank Name
Bank Address (if applicable)
Bank City
Bank State
Bank Zip (if desired)
Bank Routing Number (near bank name)
Starting Check Number (otherwise 1001)
Special Account Title (if any, will
be printed above signature line(s))
Second Signature Line?yes   
Bank Number (MUST be 9 characters)
Account # (MUST be 19 characters)
Software and Version Used

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